Friday, February 26, 2010

Fox NY interviews Janell Wheeler and Joe Munoz

Fox NY interviews American Idol Season 9 contestants Janell Wheeler and Joe Munoz

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  1. Jose I sincerely wish your the VERY BEST!! I really would love to see you get your own record deal! Your voice is AWESOME!!!!! For one reason or another you didn't get enough votes but it's definitely not because you lack talent in singing nor lack stage presence!! Please, please continue knocking & banging on record labels doors for you & for the world, we deserve & want to listen to more of you!!!!!! There will be one open, I know with such a moving voice like yours! Plus!!!! the Mexican community in the U.S. needs more of us to be in the limelight & represent. Someone on mentioned you reminded them of Enrique & honestly that is what popped into my mind as well when I heard you sing Mraz's song. Also I prefer it when you sang, really! than Mr. Mraz, no disrespect to him. Please come back to us & share your talent!!!